pano 4

testing panoramic display , drag it 360

pano 3

testing panoramic display , high res

go pano 2

testing panoramic display


Torque 3d sign kit

The Torque road sign kit is a collection of models, textures and prefabs   which will add realism, colour and detail to your games. The Torque3d Road tool is makes it easy to create great roads and streets, wherever there are roads there are signs. The kit contains a range of road and exterior signs suitable more


The Monastery

First screenshots of an early alpha of a map which we plan to release in the form of a gallery containing some of the game art and information about the game, later it will become a part of the game as the headquarters of the holy order


Fountains Abbey

This is a sneak preview  of a map in development for Vampyre It is a close copy of the real world Fountains Abbey recreated to exact scale, The Abbey is one of the largest in the world and proved a challenge to capture the detail and key elements of the building and optimising it to run smoothly (there are so many arches…) 


Edo – japanese shrine

This is an early test level i made on t3d, for a fighting game project


Undead Warfare – Vampyre. APA documentation

Click here to see the documentation (Password protected)