Torque 3d sign kit

May 11, 2012 in Gallery, T3D

The Torque road sign kit is a collection of models, textures and prefabs   which will add realism, colour and detail to your games. The Torque3d Road tool is makes it easy to create great roads and streets, wherever there are roads there are signs.

The kit contains a range of road and exterior signs suitable for any modern environment from urban centers to rural tracks. 

The kit contains several base models for the most common sign shapes and fittings, and hundreds of sign models and textures.

It’s not just a model pack, it’s a “kit” because all the components are supplied as separate lodded models which are then delivered into torque as prefabs. This enables you to easily add your own custom parts or edit and adjust the components to create thousands of variations very quickly.

Simply place the prefab for the sign you want and then if you want to make it custom, explode it to configure the sign to your needs, so you can scale and rotate individual parts and add signs together easily and quickly.

Each model is supplied with 2 lods setup and ready to use

Each sign texture has a clean and dirty version which can be selected using the material editor

Each material used in the sign kit has the material tag “sign_kit” so you can easily manage them and use the material editor to browse the selection of signs

All assets are named with a simple, logical naming convention and arranged into separate folders with individual materials and torque shape constructor scripts, so you can easily add and remove signs from your project without causing console errors or needing to manually setup the materials etc , simply drag and drop the ones you want into the project  and your ready to go.

The kit comes with a simple example level where all the signs have been placed on the terrain for reference,

The kit loads perfectly with no errors in console on t3d 1.2


268 different signs

546 models (including lods)

511 textures (all signs have clean and dirty versions)

4 sign fittings

1076 prefabs

available soon :)

for the evaluation version please click here
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