Fountains Abbey

September 1, 2011 in Gallery, Vampyre

This is a sneak preview  of a map in development for Vampyre
It is a close copy of the real world Fountains Abbey recreated to exact scale, The Abbey is one of the largest in the world and proved a challenge to capture the detail and key elements of the building and optimising it to run smoothly (there are so many arches…) 

This is very early work in progress on the abbey structure, for the final version there will be a lot more going on both in and around the Abbey

This is the blueprint i used to build it all to scale, by adding into the engine as a texture and stretching it out to scale

the map is set at dusk / night so it looks different to the photos but we need it spooky for the vampires

heres a photo of the west wall of the abbey for comparison with the next few pics,