The Monastery

September 1, 2011 in Gallery, Vampyre

First screenshots of an early alpha of a map which we plan to release in the form of a gallery containing some of the game art and information about the game, later it will become a part of the game as the headquarters of the holy order

This set of screens also feature my first character model which i built on evolver and rigged to the torque biped, shes still got a way to go with new hires textures, custom animations and accessories, but shes working well with the torque blended animations and player system. btw her name is katerina and shes a member of the holy order

mountain road with a small stream to test the water tools in torque for close range detail of softly flowing clear water,

looking back towards the spawn area in the road tunnel, this map features a photorealistic 2d skybox to create a rich detailed view of the surrounding mountains, theres still lots of lighting, colour balancing and retouching to be done and the addition of further models and props to blend the map “borders” into the view.

looking over the edge of the cliff to the river below, in contrast to the stream this is a powerful rough river setup for a long distance view. i like the torque river tool :) . The terrain is still bald (no trees and bushes and stuff) and roughly painted.

the monastery is built into the side of the mountain over an ancient cavern system. the player wont veiw the map from this angle but i wanted to show the 3d scrolling cloudlayer on the right hand side that helps blend the panaroma view from the playable areas

The entrance area is lit by projected lighting of the stained glass, the alignmentof the entire map and sun position was setup to to project the images from the windows across the architecture in natural way yet to keep some areas of the projected image easily recognisable (the faces on the pillars)

the lighting works on the character models well and will create lots of atmosphere

theres still work to be done and with the addition if hdr, bloom and rays this could look incredible

After the entrance the player enters the underground sections which branch off from this central hall

Glory in the service of god, especially when its staking vamps.

the roof of the hall features a lovely renaissance picture depicting the “ascent to heaven”

deeper within the complex the dark hallways are decorated with religious art and lit by candles

A large hallway converted into a firing range for members of the holy order to practice delivering gods message

behind the ancient religious facade the holy order is equipped with the latest weaponry and acts as the command center for their operations.